Centennial Fountain in Kiwanis Park Overflows with Memories

The Centennial Fountain (also known as the Leda Fountain) in Kiwanis Park has a fresh coat of blue paint, running water and is in working condition thanks to the team members of the City of Union City’s Parks and Recreation department. If you haven’t explored our downtown park yet, be sure to do so. Bring a picnic or grab a tasty sandwich from The Market or Vantage Coffee and enjoy the shade, fountain and our beautiful city park.

On Main Street Union City’s Facebook page, followers have shared memories and stories from their childhoods and special life moments centered around the fountain. Be sure to check those out!

Fun Fountain Facts: The fountain was originally made in 1876 by J.L. Matt Iron Works, located on the Harlem River in the Bronx, New York. It was bought for $350 in 1897 by a group of women led by Mrs. A.L. Brevard and Mrs. Seid Waddell for the Tennessee Centennial. The fountain was in Nashville for the Centennial and was returned to Obion County in 1899.

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K Stanford

Sep 16, 2023 at 11:32 AM Reply

So glad to see the fountain refurbished. Growing up in UC in the 50’s it was a much welcome retreat for anyone. We lived in walking distance of the park & visited often. The swings slides & monkey bars & the wading pool were our treat. I can see the older gentlemen sitting under the trees w checker boards & card games between them. The people who lived above the stores along depot street would be sitting on the metal balconies enjoying the breeze on a summer day. So glad to see the area up & coming for new generations to enjoy.

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